About Our Balms
Our handmade moisturizing balms are inspired by the unique Southern Californian landscape. Our scents are gender-neutral and our products are entirely multi-purpose. They are free of any added chemicals and can be used as moisturizer, for chapped lips, as eye cream, for dry cuticles and hands, etc. Guys like to use it for their beards. Ladies have used it to take off makeup. Rock climbers say it's great after an intense session. Again, multi-purpose.

We're completely transparent with our ingredients. What you see on the label is what you get. Organic coconut oil and beeswax* are the main ingredients. They are both natural protectants that soothe and hydrate the skin and, along with vitamin e, jojoba, and olive oil, create the nourishing, velvety smooth, soothing base of each balm. Each balm is scented with an infusion of California native plants grown in our own backyards along with high quality essential oils. **

The best part? $1 of every balm sold is donated a nonprofit with an environmental, conservationist mission at its core. Because climate change is real, contrary to what our current government may think. Past donations have gone to the Sierra Club, The Audubon Center and the Theodore Payne Foundation

About Us
Once upon a time, two ladies met on a Meetup hike in the Santa Monica mountains and became fast friends. They bonded over nature, more hikes, a trip to Ireland, cooking sessions, farm visits, and resolved that one day they would start up a project that combined their mutual passions for locavorism and the great outdoors. Four years later, in 2017, Lady Angeles was born. 
 Laura Derr is a native of Altadena, California. She left once to explore life in the Pacific Northwest, but the smell of sagebrush and the pink glow of the San Gabriel mountains led her back. While out discovering other corners of the country over the past eight years, Laura has honed her farm-to-table cooking skills, earned a certificate in Nutritional Therapy, and taught cooking to children and adults. She is also a level II Reiki practitioner offering intuitive energy healing sessions. She is constantly adding to her tool belt of skills to educate others on self-care, care for the environment and independent thinking and is excited to bring this energy to Lady Angeles! She is now a graduate student studying Acupuncture and Eastern Medicine at Emperor's College in Santa Monica. But she commutes from Altadena...because Altadena is home. 

Clarissa Wei is a proud Los Angeles native who moonlights as a freelance journalist and writer. She used to be a volcano trekking guide in Nicaragua, has swam with hammerhead sharks, and backpacked through a dozen (and counting) provinces in China to document the food and culture. California, though, will always be home. She enjoys night hikes at Echo Mountain in Altadena, salsa dancing in Alhambra, and dreams of one day hijacking all the lawns in Los Angeles to grow food and native plants. The goal: to decrease our dependency on harmful agriculture and help restore our native pollinator populations. 



* Since our product is entirely natural with no stabilizers, the balms may sometimes develop a slight beading texture over time, especially when exposed to significant changes in temperature. Rest assured that this does not mean the product has gone bad.  


** Essential oils and healing plants do not serve to replace the advice of a doctor and these balms are not intended to be used in place of appropriate medical care.