california botanical balms

handmade in los angeles.   


this deeply moisturizing balm, featuring the healing properties and gorgeous scents of California plants, can be used all over your body (a little goes a long way), but is especially effective for chapped lips, under eye cream, dry, cracked hands, and for taking off makeup

completely handmade

no added chemicals or stabilizers. everything is made in small-batches.

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"The balm is multi-purpose, and its scent is subtle and soothing. I use it under my eyes at night, on my lips for moisture, and on my eyebrows to keep those suckers in place! I can't get enough!" 

Lily @ Los Angeles, CA

"Why I love this balm: 1. It smells divine and I want to eat it (but don't) and smell my skin all day, 2. My 5-year-old son has eczema and we have tried many, many remedies both natural and not, but this works the best of anything. This is huge deal for us! When he has a dry patch or redness, I put this on and it goes away. I have started doing it preventatively and he hasn't had any pop up, even though it is the middle of a very dry winter. 3. My son smells bomb.

Amelia @ Renton, WA

I use this balm on my lips, face, and hands. I find it works super well for the dry cracks I get from cold winters in Vermont. It stayed solid throughout the summer and even in the winter it is easy to use. 

Caitlin @ Burlington, VT

I love this salve! I've used it not only for dry winter lips, but also on a burn, on my chapped nose when I had a cold, and for body lotion. It feels so good that I've basically stopped using any other lip balm! I recommend buying a handful -- one for your car, your nightstand and one for each of your purses. 

Molly @ Seattle, WA

I use it on my puppy's nose and it helps so much with her dry skin!

Becca @ Seattle, WA

I had a terrible rash on my leg for six months. Nothing the dermatologist gave me did any good. Within two days of applying the Pasadena moisturizing balm, it was completely gone! Thank you Lady Angeles! Your products are amazing!

Christine @ Sierra Madre, CA

from our founders: